Lacerations cuts and grazes: wound dressing

Do you need a wound dressing after a sharp object causes a break in your skin? Are you experiencing significant pain, bleeding, or bruising? Wounds can get infected without proper dressing, so get urgent care for deep lacerations, cuts and grazes.

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What are is the difference between lacerations and cuts?

Cuts and Lacerations 

A cut is a clean, more superficial cut gash in the skin caused by a knife or glass but with no loss of skin. Fortunately, you can treat most superficial cuts at home.

Meanwhile, a laceration generally refers to a deep cut or tear in your skin and flesh. Often this causes your wound to gape and have jagged edges. If you notice a laceration is bleeding heavily, you might need urgent care to:

  • stop bleeding
  • get stitches
  • apply a wound dressing that will keep it dry and clean i.e. a hydrocolloid patch 

Why Grazes and punctures need wound dressing


Abrasions or grazes happen when your skin’s surface is torn, often from a fall on a pavement or road. So, grazes often have bits of gravel and dust in the wound. Therefore, they need careful cleaning. At Urgent Care, we can help remove these types of foreign bodies, which can be tricky to get out yourself.

Puncture wounds

Many of the puncture wounds we see are deep. Normally, they are caused by sharp objects digging into your skin and flesh. Minor accidents with nails, wire, thorns or even a bite from an animal are often the culprit. It’s good to be aware that wounds that are deep may contain dirt, so they are quite likely to get infected. So, watch for signs of infection, especially Cellulitis, as you must take them seriously.

Get urgent care for deep lacerations, or cut and grazes that are bleeding heavily

  • If your bleeding is heavy from any wound injury, go to your GP or Urgent Care Clinic.
  • Apply pressure with gauze and a bandage or clean linen.
  • Our team will be able to thoroughly clean your wound and glue or stitch it as needed.
  • Meanwhile, we’ll check if you are up to date with your tetanus cover and, if not, recommend a booster.
  • Also, come to see us if you notice signs of infection or need a change of dressing on an existing wound.

First Aid Treatment and Wound dressing for Superficial cuts and grazes

  1. Firstly, check your cut to see how deep it is. Then, assess how much bleeding you have, and if there is dirt, gravel or sand in it.
  2. Stop any bleeding by putting pressure on your cut or laceration. Use a clean cloth or gauze.
  3. Wash your hands, then clean the wound under running water. 
  4. Next, clean around the wound with mild soap.  
  5. Gently clean out any gravel from a graze. You may need to use tweezers. If you can’t remove gravel etc, come to East Care for removal.
  6. Apply an antiseptic cream like Savlon or Crystaderm.
  7. Apply a band-aid or larger waterproof wound dressing.
  8. Change your dressing each day or when it gets wet or dirty.  Also, regularly check there are no signs of redness, swelling or increasing pain or pus, which show an infection is developing.

Use a waterproof Hydrocolloid patch to keep a wound dry

Specialised waterproof dressings are called Hydrocolloid patches and bandages. These are sometimes recommended for more significant wounds.  

  • They are waterproof and help to keep wounds clean. Also, they speed up healing and reduce scarring.
  • Furthermore, Hydrocolloid patches absorb moisture from the wound. This provids a healing environment and ensures that any scabs do not stick to the dressing.
  • Beneficially, you can shower with them on. This keeps the laceration, graze or burn clean and dry.
  • An example of a Hydrocolloid patch is Band-Aihydroseald advanced healing plasters.
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