A long-standing Accident and Injury Clinic in East Auckland

East Care is an extension of your family doctor’s practice. Offering urgent medical services in East Auckland is part of our ongoing commitment to our East Auckland community.

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Your local, East Auckland Medical Clinic, open late, everyday.

Whether you need urgent A&E care or casual medical clinic services, we’re here. Our East Auckland community has trusted the East Care team for medical care since 1989.

Furthermore, our growing health care hub has a range of Urgent and Non-Urgent services, Nursing services, Specialists and wrap-around medical services.

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A long-standing Accident and Injury Clinic in East Auckland

In 1988, 28 doctors from Howick and Pakuranga formed the East Care Accident and Medical Health Care Centre. Above all, they aimed to provide after-hours health care for everyone in our East Auckland community. 

Now, over 50 doctors are involved with the East Care facility, owned by Care Group. Together, all of our health care partners share a commitment to continuity of care. So, we’re proud to provide the local community with daily accident and injury medical care.

Medical Services for East Auckland. East Care is here when you need it, where you need it.

Fully equipped to deal with all common health problems, our medical clinic team can help with acute injury and illness. Often, these include sports, industrial injuries and fracture assessments, which are eligible for ACC.

From start to finish, we’ll help you with assessments, prescriptions and referrals. Learn more about how our health care centre services provide continuity of care.

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Complementary onsite services

Our East Auckland Medical Clinic is a one-stop-shop for healthcare. Find an array of onsite services. From Physio to Fracture clinics get ongoing care of injuries following accidents.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday from 7 am – 11 pm.
Open on all Public Holidays.
For Onsite Services hours, check individual services for Pharmacy, Radiology, Physiology or Dental.

How to contact us

  • 260 Botany Road, Howick 2013, Auckland
  • PO Box 38306, Howick 2145, Auckland

Frequently asked questions

Patients are facing long wait times of 3-4 hours at our urgent care centre due to a shortage of appointments with primary care doctors and an influx of patients at the local emergency department. We are trying to add more staff to address this issue, but there is a nationwide shortage of nurses and doctors, which makes it difficult to find and hire new staff.

At East Care, patients are seen based on the severity of their condition, as determined by the Australasian Triage Standards. This means that patients are seen in the order of medical priority.

It's recommended that you visit your primary care doctor for regular medical care. GP's receive funding from local Primary Health Organizations (PHO’s) to care for their patients throughout the year. East Care doesn't receive funding to provide care when GPs are open, but they do receive some funding from Health NZ to provide care after hours. As a result, consultation charges may be lower in the evenings and on weekends.

East Care does not have access to your entire medical history, so they cannot provide repeat prescriptions. They can provide a temporary prescription in some urgent cases until you can see your GP for ongoing care.

East Care is an Urgent Care Centre that provides medical treatment for sudden illnesses or injuries. It is not a primary care facility who enrols patients and does not provide ongoing care. For ongoing medical care, it is best to be enrolled with a local GP. However we can see casual patients.

Our medical charges are for the time spent with the nurses, doctor, treatments and procedures. So, our advertised fees typically cover the cost of the examination, triage, assessment, diagnosis and treatment provided by the doctors and nursing staff. It also covers the administration requirements carried out by our reception staff during your visit.