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Let us help you with all of your radiology and imaging needs. Located in the East Care health hub in Botany, the Mercy Radiology team are experienced radiologists. East Care can refer you for an X-ray or other imaging services.

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How can Mercy Radiology help you?

Mercy Radiology knows getting well quickly is your priority. So the team offers complete radiology services from the Botany clinic onsite at East Care. Whether you’ve been referred by an Urgent Care doctor for an x-ray following an accident or sent by your family doctor, the Mercy team can help.

Well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Botany team of professional radiologists have unparalleled expertise.

Why might you need to see a Radiologist urgently?

Being part of East Auckland’s Urgent Care offering is essential to us because sometimes you need answers quickly. So, we can help if you need to:

  • show if an injury has occurred to any body structures
  • see a sonographer for an ultrasound to check on your pregnancy
  • establish if you have a fracture 

Get an X-ray in South East Auckland any day of the week until 9 pm.

After-hours accidents are very common. So the Mercy x-ray radiology service is available every day of the year. Fortunately, that means being open for x-rays on the weekends and late at night. 

Get an x-ray between 8.30 am and 9 pm at the Botany Road, Howick location. Conveniently located in the same building as East Care Urgent Care, you can see the Urgent Care team for assessment and referral to a Radiologist.


Note, if you suspect you’ve had a fracture, sprain or broken bone, you’ll need an x-ray referral from a GP first. Furthermore, your GP can get the ball rolling on any ACC claim forms.

During weekdays, the full suite of imaging and radiology services is available.

What types of radiology and imaging are available at the Botany clinic?

Mercy Radiology is proud to offer a full range of imaging services. 

Situated on Botany Road in the East Care building, Mercy Radiology is the only full-service radiology clinic in South East Auckland.

Our range of radiology and imaging services includes:

  • Bone Density / DEXA for Osteoporosis
  • CT Scans – cross-sectional and high-resolution images of the body
  • Image-guided procedures – Cortisone Steroid injections
  • Mammography – Breast Imaging
  • MRI –  Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Ultrasound and sonography
  • X-Ray

So, whether you need a Single Scan or Multiple body parts, we can accommodate your doctor’s referral request. Also, we’re open until 9 pm for X-ray, Ultrasound, CT, Mammography, MRI and Image-guided procedures.

You’re in good hands with the Mercy Medical Imaging Technologists and Consultant Radiologists.
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Mercy Radiology Hours:

Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 9 pm
Saturday to Sunday & Public Holidays 8:30 am to 9 pm for X-ray only.

Contact details:

Phone:  09 538 0190

Fax:  09 538 0191

Complementary onsite services

At our Botany Road premises, we offer a number of onsite services including a Pharmacy and Radiology to ensure your visit to the Centre is as stress free as possible.

Pre-register online before you arrive

Pre-registering saves you time in check-in.

Health care professionals providing advance care plans

Frequently asked questions

To join our clinic, you first need to fill out the patient enrolment forms to register with the PHO that we belong to. This is a Ministry of Health requirement. You will need to provide proof of identity and eligibility which may include the following forms of identification:

  • NZ Passport or NZ birth certificate
  • International passport with resident visa OR work visa of minimum 24-month duration

On the enrolment form you need to indicate which of our doctors (currently taking new patients) that you would like to be registered with.

Yes. As part of completing your enrollment, we request that you have a new patient screening appointment with one of our Nursing or Medical Centre Assistant team members.

This new patient appointment enables our team to work with you to better understand your current health and wellbeing.

Following the new patient appointment as above, you can book your first consultation with your nominated doctor.

The length of your first appointment with your new doctor will be as follows:

Age Screening appointment GP appointment Total
0-13 yrs - 15 minutes
15 minutes
13-17 yrs - 15 minutes
15 minutes
18-39 yrs 15 minutes
15 minutes*
30 minutes
40+ yrs 15 minutes
30 minutes
45 minutes

* Note: if you have a chronic condition, please make a booking for 30 minutes.

Payment is required at the time of consultation

You will get full access to the patient portal “My Indici” once you have completed your screening appointment.

Payment is required at time of consultation. Please note that unpaid accounts will incur an additional $10 monthly administration cost.

There may be additional costs for treatments/tests/materials

We recommend that you book your future appointments via your patient portal My Indici.

If you need an urgent appointment, then please phone the clinic. We have doctors available to discuss your urgent health needs on the day.

All consultations are by appointment only.

Patient portals are secure online sites where patients can access their health information and interact with their general practice. Please give us call on (09) 265 1325 or send us an email at, and we can set up your account.

We recommend that you plan ahead and request your repeat medicines via your patient portal My Indici two weeks before you run out. If you do not have access to a portal, you can phone us and leave a message with the nurse to organise this. Our doctors use an electronic prescribing system which can send your prescription to your local pharmacy (please specify name and location).
Under 14 years free
14-17 years $14
18+ years $16
Urgent prescription $27.50
The results of tests that have been ordered by our Doctors will be available on My Indici when they have been reviewed. If your test results are of concern you will be contacted by one of our team.

We are open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm.

For health services after hours visit East Care Accident & Medical, 260 Botany Road, Golflands, Auckland 2013. Their phone is 09 277 1516.

These are consultation prices only.

Under 14 Years - Free 14 - 17 years - $14 18 years & over - $16

Note charge is the same for in person or by phone or video as you are still receiving the same high quality health provider assessment, diagnosis and planning.

We understand that things can change on the day, but we ask that you call us to advise that you are not able to make your appointment. If we do not hear from you minimum 2 hours prior to your scheduled time, you will receive an invoice for this missed appointment.